During the private sales phase of the ICO, ASHA tokens are only sold to a select group of individuals and companies who have been deemed eligible to participate in the project. However, if you are interested in the project and wish to participate, please fill out the contact form located on our landing page. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

There is no need for account verification on our platform. We have selected a list of individuals and companies eligible to participate in the private sale phase of the ICO by purchasing ASHA tokens. Only the contact email that they have provided and approved for direct contact with us during this private phase is eligible to log in and participate.

To reset your SENEX password, simply follow the reset password procedure available on the login page of the SENEX website.

We have employed a secure platform with a hidden server to handle the first initial phase of the ICO. The subsequent phases of the ICO will be handled through the main blockchain system of Ethereum, which ensures high levels of security.

SENEX is a multipurpose platform that operates as the missing link between business and technology. By providing secure access to data across every node on the platform and distributing the computation power required for the desired outcome, it can address and solve many key bottlenecks and problems across both technology and business domains. Further information is available in the ICO whitepaper.

After the private sale, the SENEX token airdrop will be performed to the wallets of participants. Immediately after, the public phase will begin. Once we reach the soft cap for the public ICO and the corresponding period ends, the tokens in wallets will be unlocked and available to trade on Ethereum DEX and other platforms.

We have not set a minimum amount for the private ICO. However, the maximum amount for a single wallet during both the private and public phases is 30,000 USDT.

We have not set a minimum buy amount for the ICO, but the maximum buy amount for a single wallet is 30,000 USDT during both the private and public ICO phases.

Yes, after the ICO, the tokens will be unlocked and can be traded on any supported platform, such as Ethereum DEX.

During the ICO phase on the Ethereum platform, there are no transaction fees associated with the SENEX project. Traders should only expect to pay Ethereum fees. However, after the launch of the SENEX blockchain, there will be no fees for transactions that only involve asset transfers. Fees will only be applied to smart transactions that utilize the SENEX Intelligent Chain AI. The exact fee amount will depend on several factors, including the difficulty of the smart transaction.

After the ICO, ASHA tokens will be available for trading on all supported platforms and DEX, and can be exchanged for other tokens.

We do not have any specific laws governing the accounts during the ICO phase. However, we aim to maintain a compliant and transparent platform and will comply with any relevant laws and regulations that apply to us. As a borderless platform, we strive to support the agility of the projects being hosted while ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for our users.

ASHA can ONLY be obtained through the ICO procedure on the SENEX Intelligent Chain website during the ICO phase. After that, you can trade ASHA tokens on Ethereum DEX and other DEX and exchanges that list the token pair.

No, the ASHA tokens can only be minted by our hidden secure server during the private ICO phase, and it is a one-time operation. After the private ICO ends, ASHA tokens will no longer be mintable.

If you lose access to your email, you should try to reset access to it by contacting your email provider. If all else fails, please contact us directly to verify that you are the account owner. This will require you to send us some documents and information which were not required before. Therefore, we advise you not to lose your login information.

No, you cannot. After the private sale phase, all the ASHA tokens will be minted, and the portion that was bought by the participants in the private sale will be distributed among the participants’ wallets. Only after the tokens are distributed, can they be withdrawn from the wallets.